Nicolas Jaar – A Time For Us / Mi Mujer


Go ahead and skip to the 1:57 mark of “A Time For Us” and just groove to that chunky bass. Enjoy the night-time backyard party ambience; dig out a cigarette, fill a red cup of the liquor of your choice and join them. Now go ahead and skip to the 2:17 mark of “Mi Mujer,” where a drum-roll on a garbage pail leads you into what sounds like an oboeist, giving us his or her thoughts against the light groove. Delight as a synth line comes in at the 3:05 mark to hand off to the quick burst of trumpets and the groove thickens thanks to said synth line. Nicolas Jaar has always been remarkable at control; control of colours, control of the long build-up and control of cool-down (ie. the deceleration of the title track) – this EP is no exception. Perhaps I would’ve enjoyed a more ‘formal’ singer, but formalities weren’t what Jaar was going for – his monotonous voice adding an extra layer to both songs.


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