Future – EVOL


Future’s Sonic Youth tribute album is disappointing, partly because he doesn’t cover any Sonic Youth songs, but mostly because this is to DS2 as Freddie Gibbs’ Shadow of a Doubt was to Pinata, and it’s not like he did himself any favours by releasing a (slightly better) mixtape just weeks before. “Program” is pure filler; “Photo Copied”’s purple bubble synths get annoying over the course of its lifetime (worth it to get to this bit before skipping: “I know you ain’t saving that pussy / You know somebody play in that pussy / And it’s o—it’s okay though”); “Low Life” should have been a lot better given the kindred spirit of the Weeknd, but Future’s parts barely register and the song just sort of wallows in uninteresting hedonism for 5 minutes. Highlights include the overwhelming bass on centerpiece “Lil Haiti Baby”, complete with Future screaming for help in the climax, shielded only by autotune and the knowledge that anxiety can be relievable by purchase; the banger “Maybach,” with the high-pitched, lightning-speed oddball synth in the choruses; the electric guitar driving “Fly Shit Only”, replaced by helicopter blade-synths during the choruses, and maybe the alternating lasers and buried vocal beat of “Lie To Me.” Whatever: we’ll get Beast Mode 2 by year’s end probably and forget all about this.



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