Young Thug – I’m Up


The 2016/trap rap equivalent of J. Cole thinking he could go up against Yeezus‘s release date in 2013; I’m almost certain Thug just threw together whatever he had lying around so he could step on Future’s release which explains the brevity compared to Slime Season or its filler-fest sequel and the lack of London on da Track (I think? Finding the production credits has proved a lot harder than it should…) Bursts out the gates with the hilarity of naming a track “F Cancer (Boosie)” and ignoring the concept 5 seconds in, this nosedives immediately after due to haphazard track sequencing/features that we don’t really care about, and doesn’t regain its footing until “Hercules” and then the two spirited bangers immediately after, before closing off the album by letting his non-rapping sisters rap. “For My People” had a nice beat, though Thug’s absurdity steered into sheer stupidity.


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