TV on the Radio – Young Liars [EP]


I’ve never been convinced by these guys outside of their best album, and like the Pixies (who they cover here), this is a pretty overrated debut EP: “Blind” is less of a centerpiece and more of a time-waster; Tunde Adebimpe’s singing aims for soul and lands more often on melodrama (especially with his lyrics – compare any of these to “I Was a Lover”); both “Satellite” and their doo-wop cover of “Mr. Grieves” play their hands early; maybe a bridge would have helped break up the former’s groovy groovelessness (though the added feedback at the 1:27 mark after Tunde’s run of hard questions was a great move). As for “Staring at the Sun,” the intro reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel’s “& O’Clock News – Silent Night” from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (though, Simon & Garfunkel executed it better), and the backing vocals at the 1:42 mark remind me of the backing vocals of Goodie Mob’s “Black Ice” in their complete awfulness (the hook’s good though, especially the first time it comes in, signalling the cymbal tap; direct, evocative of the lyric). Title’s track alright.

About as good as Arcade Fire’s debut that same year.


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