Household – Items


I’ve seen some weird debates about how post-punk ought to be restricted to a certain time (Thatcher’s England in the early 80s; literally, post-punk) and that everything that came after isn’t post-punk. It’s a silly argument, because by their logic, the Fall – a band who has barely changed their sound from album to album for more than three decades – isn’t post-punk after This Nation’s Saving Grace. A lot of post-punk bands, including Household (it’s like they picked this name and album title and then made the music) strengthen their argument – this is hideously boring music. What are they fighting against? Suburban boredom? With more boredom? Yeesh. The production, or lack thereof, reduces the rhythm section into irrelevancy, and the only thing we’re left is the layered vocals that don’t even count as counterpoint because neither of the two vocals are singing melodies as per counterpoint’s definition. You wanna hear layered female vocals over real anger, why not just listen to Sleater-Kinney’s “Oh”? You wanna hear 2-mintue songs bursting with energy, why not just listen to Pink Flag?


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