Erik Satie – Complete Piano Works, Vol. 1 (Bojan Gorisek)


Crystal-clear recording; good performance, but Bojan Gorisek only focuses on Satie’s works published between 1885-1891, which explains the lack of “Gnossienne (No. 6)”. This means that: (1) you don’t get the breadth of Satie’s works, and, (2) this one starts excitingly with some of Satie’s poppiest (particularly love the dynamic shifts in the cadences of “Valse-Ballet”, though the repetition of the chorus but transposed one octave and the repetition of the bridge with no variations are lazy) and then slows down to a halt/fault for the next 55 minutes (with the exceptions of “Gnossienne (No. 5)” and “Premiere pensée Rose + Croix”); I’ve never been convinced about Satie’s Ogives, Sarabandes or “Le fils des étoiles”, all of which focus more on harmony than melody (as opposed to the Gymnopedies and Gnossiennes, which manage both; “Le fils des étoiles” in particular is noteworthy for how the harmonies all move in parallel and is also the first song published without a key). Which leaves the two waltzes, Satie’s most famous sets of songs available almost everywhere else and a cute throwaway.


3 responses to “Erik Satie – Complete Piano Works, Vol. 1 (Bojan Gorisek)

    • Thanks! I mostly wrote it in a burst after the last one and didn’t feel too strongly about it. Maybe since you like these Satie reviews so much I’ll write another, more positive and more thought-out one later…we’ll see!

      • Haha you do as you see fit! I’m just thrilled to see another fan of classical music putting up reviews in amongst the other stuff, and doing it so articulately!

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