The Orb – Oxbow Lakes [EP]


The most song-y song from what I’m 70% sure is the Orb’s best album (further research required); this hit #38 on the U.K. charts. The song begins with a swirling (gorgeous) keyboard line before the melody eventually dissipates into a heavier house section before again shifting into a calmer (and eventually beatless) ambient track, using the main melody to guide the transition. Or, the song’s like a journey down an oxbow lake of a different planet (my first thought was Naboo, but that might only be because I tried to rewatch Phantom of the Menace recently), eventually diving into the water before popping out to a different part than where you started, watching the water flow.

The other four remixes that bump this single into a 30-minute EP are as follows: A Guy Called Gerald’s “Everglades Mix” which is the most dance-y one: heavy, insistent drums and a generic house vocal sample; The Sabres of Paradise’s mix, which is a decent 7-minute time-waster; Carl Craig’s “Psychic Pals Family Wealth Plan Mix,” which is the only one that sounds like the source material; and a decent string arrangement that reminds me of Philip Glass’ orchestration of “Icct Hedral” from Aphex Twin’s Donkey Rhubarb EP, because they’re both bleak and classical interpretations of non-classical songs where you wouldn’t expect to find them.


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