copeland – Because I’m Worth It


Download the cover and “advice to young girls.” Paul Thompson wrote a really good description of the song for his write-up for the song as #97 on Pitchfork‘s “The 100 Best Tracks of 2014”, so I’ll just quote him and highlight the good bits: “While Inga Copeland’s masterful “Advice to Young Girls”—her Because I’m Worth It collaboration with fellow UK deconstructionist Actress—urges young women to slip past their parents and band together in the streets, it’s likely that most anybody who’s heard the lurching, dimly lit song did so in isolation; that’s just how we hear things these days. Besides, Copeland’s deadpan vocals and the track’s digitized porch-rocker creak don’t exactly scream “meatspace”; rather, Copeland’s sage entreaties—”there will be all these things,” she promises, “for you to discover and claim”—float through the laptop speakers like 140 character-hits of strength and solidarity.

The rest of this album doesn’t even come close; it’s no surprise that the best song from the debut solo record from an artist who had previously worked as collaboration is a collaboration, is it? And yet, other than the offensive time-waster of an opener, the rest of this record is never bad, merely boring. In a nutshell: she hates mainstream music, so she makes purposefully grotesque music in response.


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