Jessy Lanza / DJ Spinn / Taso – You Never Show Your Love [EP]


I was excited for this because Pull My Hair Back was probably my favorite R&B album from 2013 (and it was better than FKA twigs’ debut – if only Jessy Lanza invested in some sex-as-art music videos!) and because DJ Spinn and Taso both provided some really heady rushes (“Do It Again” and “Only the Strong Survive,” respectively). But this is a case of a single being expanded into an EP (because EPs, which are longer, are worth more than singles! And albums, which are even longer, are worth more than both! That’s logic!). Padding includes an instrumental version of the title track when the title track is already essentially an instrumental (by which I mean Lanza blends into the background), and Bambounou’s remix of “Fuck Diamond” that was already available on Hyperdub 10.4. The Teklife remix, with the pronounced percussion, is the best thing here, but it’s still not worth seeking out the EP for.


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