The Lemonheads – Mrs Robinson [Single]


1. Hey man, if Dinosaur Jr. can speed up and muck up and fuck up a classic song, then you can too! Nope – shit sucks. The original’s emotional weight from to the total disillusionment of the late-60s is wiped clean. Obviously. The only disillusionment the Lemonheads ever faced was the sort that they brought upon themselves. That this was chosen to soundtrack The Wolf of Wall Street isn’t surprising – that film had no emotional weight either (except for the climactic scene with Margot Robbie).

2. The b-sides are all b-sides, and “Divan” actually sort of reminded me of Adam Storke as Larry Underwood’s brief cover of “Eve of Destruction” from The Stand; raspy voice, acoustic guitar and long-hair flowin’ in the wind, and all. Just with less tune.

3. What’s really odd is that I’ve yet to encounter a single Simon & Garfunkel cover that isn’t absolutely reprehensible (in contrast to covers of Bob Dylan, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, of which there are some gems). This list includes Pat Metheny’s “The Sound of Silence” (snoozefest); the Vamps’ “Cecilia” (which they renamed to further shit on the source material) and now this. If someone knows of any good ones that they want to send my way, be my guest.


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