Bilal – In Another Life


A disappointment after the genre-bending A Love Surreal; a disappointment after Bilal’s contemporary’s revival in Black Messiah last year, which had a more organic sound in comparison to this computer-generated one; a disappointment after Bilal’s contributions in a third of To Pimp a Butterfly; a disappointment after Adrian Younge had built his brand over the past half-decade (“Sirens II” and “Lunatic” sound like recycled beats that you can find on Twelve Reasons to Die and its sequel). The most exciting part of the album is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Kendrick Lamar verse. Other mild highlights include “Star Now,” where Bilal plays with his elastic range in the second half and “Pleasure Toy,” which has a decent melody and the only one where Younge seems to be doing anything at all.


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