Young Thug – Slime Season


Spotty, both in terms of songs and in terms of Thug’s lines (though I s’pose stuff like “She sucked like eight dicks, I call her Octagon” and “Put that pussy on my head like a fucking Motrin” is all part of the charm; the switch from “camera” to “bamera” recalling “Check”‘s “crack” to “brack” but not nearly as good). I think you could slash “Rarri” (familiar banger), “Overdosin” (filler) and “Mine” (which would’ve been better if they had emphasized the grunts) without losing anything. More London on da Track (as promised) would’ve been for the best: the crystal-clear piano lines in the second half of each verse on “Take Kare” (“Take a trip to the ROOOOO”) and “No Way” (the second-most gorgeous beat on the mixtape, after “Best Friends”) are some of the album’s best. But at the same time, London’s “Power” and “Always” are second-tier at best (though the way Thug accents the schwas in each hook for the choruses makes the former a keeper, and the first half of Thugger’s verse on “Always” makes the latter memorable). And I don’t hear enough about “Calling Your Name,” where the Ellie Goulding sample on top of Young Thug’s singing makes it an easy highlight.



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