Wilco – Star Wars


Not without its charms: “More…” has the catchiest choruses; “Random Name Generator” has the best riff (it’s a better T. Rex tribute than anything on Ty Segall’s more acclaimed Manipulator from yesteryear); “You Satellite” has the best guitar workout (unsurprisingly, the only song where the guitar is given time to do anything at all); closer “Magnetized” has backing vocals that remind me of Elliott Smith’s “I Didn’t Understand,” which were the best part of it (though the verses are a waste) and “Where Do I Begin” has a neat outro (though they do themselves no favours by reminding everyone that there’s a better Radiohead song in the choruses). “The Joke Explained” sounds like a poorer version of the song that preceded it, and everything else is completely inconsequential in the grand scheme of things…which is what I predict the new Star Wars flick will be.


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