Ty Segall – Twins


Ty Segall is the Robert Pollard of the new decade, that is, he plays decent pseudo-covers of his favorites records from the 60s and 70s…just louder and fuzzier (and even louder and fuzzier than Pollard!), and both have an impressive work ethic that really is the most impressive thing about them (this is his third full-length from 2012).

Highlights: “Thank God for Sinners” has a nice crunch; “You’re the Doctor” is a 2-minute adrenaline rush that you’ll soon forget, and I can picture Ty Segall’s friends and family going nuts in the otherwise empty bar to it; “Inside Your Heart” has a nice drone-march passage; “Would You Be My Love” is vaguely catchy; I enjoy how Ty Segall sounds happily drunk despite the inevitable apocalypse on closer “There Is No Tomorrow”; Thee Oh Sees’ Brigid Dawson appears on “The Hill” and it helps break up this album’s monotony.

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