Tyler, the Creator – Cherry Bomb

Wherein Tyler, the Creator expands his mock-Eminem lyrics on mock-Pharrell palette with mock-Kanye (“Buffalo”), mock-Death Grips (“Cherry Bomb”), mock-rock (“Deathcamp”) and mock-jazz (“Find Your Wings”) and proceeds to suck at all of them. Every song has 3-4 beat switches because Tyler’s ADHD (which is appropriate considering his fanbase); they are parts that don’t coalesce into anything more (unlike Kanye West’s multipartite beats, or even Drake’s). Songs will either sound surprisingly polished (ie. the string bit in “2Seater,” which is the album’s version of “Partyisntover / Campfire / Bimmer,” which was better), typical lo-fi drivel (ie. the inexplicable high-pitched synth line in the left-channel that begins at the 1:20 mark of “Find Your Wings” and “The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12”) or polished shit (“Keep da O’s” especially). “Smuckers” has your favorite rapper, which is why people call it a highlight.

All told, this probably deserves a ‘D’ because it’s shorter than Goblin and Wolf but I’ve always wanted to end a review with:

Fuck off.

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