Curren$y – Pilot Talk III


The opening four songs solidify Pilot Talk III as Curren$y’s best long-player in years and solidify the Pilot Talk series as the best trilogy in hip-hop (is there any competition?): the indelible soul-sample throughout “Opening Credits” (though the splicing seems a bit amateurish); the tri-vocal counterpoint throughout “Long as the Lord Say”; the unforeseen ominous bite in “Cargo Planes”; Harry Fraud’s keyboard melody in “Froze” (though the only thing worse than Riff Raff’s verse is rapgenius’ annotation of that verse). Unfortunately, the rapper is still a mid-tier rapper with nothing to say, and he’s slowly losing his ability to churn out clever lines (though “Life on the set, nigga, live and direct” made me do a double take, as did “All up in your bitch like a spinal cord,” but for different reasons).

Those four songs aside, I’d say “Life I Chose” is the grander sound he was going for on The Stoned Immaculate but mostly failed on. Unfortunately, fifteen songs is way too much, especially when Curren$y (and his various producers) decide to lean on the worst production trick in the book: mercilessly repeating the last word or two of every line to fill out the empty space; the worst examples would be “Briefcase” (because it obscures the lovely jazz sample) and Styles P.’s verse on “Alert,” but it happens everywhere.


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