DJ Quik – The Midnight Life


A couple of decent beats from a man two decades removed from his prime: the banjo(???!!!)-driven “That N*****r’s Crazy” (hilariously introduced as the savior of hip-hop in preceding skit); the synth line of “That Getter” (took me by surprise when he switches the melody halfway through the verse); the “orchestral strut” (thanks, Stereogum‘s Tom Breihan!) of “Puffin the Dragon” and “Pet Sematary,” which merges the horns of “Puffin the Dragon” with the 5-minute guitar workout of “Bacon’s Groove” (invalidating the latter). (Speaking of, the other DJ Quik-less showcases “El’s Interlude” and “Why’d You Have to Lie” are both unnecessary). And though I’m not a fan of how cheap the horns sound on “Trapped on the Tracks” (“Broken Down” has the same problem), I can at least appreciate the ambition of sampling a train whistle.

But the rapper sucks (has always sucked), and juvenile humour like “And I’m so cool I can nut ice cream,” “When you call me bitch ass nigga / Is that a female dog shaped booty?” (what does that even mean?) and the entirety of the Too $hort tribute “F**k all Night” wouldn’t have appealed to me even if DJ Quik and I were the appropriate age for them. Ditto his son, who is even more of a non-entity, who is featured here four times but will probably, like Ghostface’s son, Sun God, disappear off the face of the earth before anyone notices.


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