Captain Murphy – Between Villains [Single]


Power rankings of the five best-of-their-field artists (I’m counting Flying Lotus separately from Captain Murphy): Thundercat, who doesn’t do anything to earn his name on the bill < Earl Sweatshirt, who gets in a few lines filled with swagger (“I’m swimming in water that’s been dicy since landing”; “You could catch him like some halibut after a bad accident / Trying to get jaw-jacket right where the catheter peeks out”; “Rapping good as motherfucking janitors sweep now”) < Flying Lotus, who adds some mischievous Herbie Hancock-influenced piano throughout < MF DOOM, who contributes one of his best verses in a long time, filling every single line with as many words he can find with the same rhyme < Captain Murphy, who actually manages to outshine two artists who have inspired his rapping: “Put your mic away / Inside a microwave / When I die, I bet you Mike’ll wave”; “I’m writing darker pieces in my thesis / I’m hiding in the park with all your nieces trading head for Reese’s Pieces.”


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