Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl’s a Computer [Single]


One of the first songs I ever heard when I started learning about the world of electronic music that wasn’t the IDM-axis of Autechre-Aphex Twin-Boards of Canada or “intelligent” EDM (ie. Daft Punk), having picked it up because of its cool title and because it was the first entry (a.k.a. #100) on Pitchfork‘s “The Top 100 Tracks of 2009”; didn’t think much of it then, don’t think much of it now. Truthfully, half the magic is its title (i particularly like how it’s “Aidy” and not “Andy”) and its implications when the digital voice throughout the song keeps getting truncated right before it can finish a single thought. That’s it, and the comments on Resident Advisor bickering about whether or not this deserves 4 stars or 5 stars makes me feel sorry for everyone involved – who cares?

B-side sucks. Ditto the album that this would appear in shortly. Was anyone surprised? These guys had been making tunes for years before and only this one stood out.


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