Kode9 & the Spaceape – Killing Season [EP]


Unlike DJ Rashad’s posthumously released We on 1, Killing Season isn’t a must-have because … well … I’ve never been convinced by the Spaceape as a lyricist (a reminder: he was the feature on one of the weaker cuts on Burial’s weakest album). He commands a wide lexicon but nothing ever sticks, especially troubling when these are supposed to be some of his most personal lyrics, about his battle with cancer (“One trip and you’re gone” and “Pictures on the Wall” is obviously about staring at the empty pleasantries from his hospital/death bed. And when he tries to spin lyrics into mantras, the results often come up comical: “Have a heart for the human heart”; “I’m getting used to starring at these pictures on the WALL.”

Kode9 works up distinctive atmospheres on all songs except “Devil is a Lie” (which isn’t concerned with atmosphere; decent string line on that one) and “Pictures on the Wall” (which is minimal and not atmospheric), especially on the misleadingly titled “Autumn Has Come,” where the beeps of hospital machinery are the only “bright” sounds to be found amidst the drone (and the distinctive click from a lighter), but it’s not enough to recommend this.


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