Dr. Octagon – Dr. Octagonecologyst


Ridiculously overrated 90s’ hip-hop that keeps getting brought up in conversation because 1) there are so few hip-hop concept albums that the very act of being one puts you at the top by default and 2) it’s influential and fucking hell, we need to stop pretending that that adjective can be used as a measurement for quality. To be sure, Dr. Octagonecologyst does predate albums that share similar sonics (Funcrusher Plus), themes (Deltron 3030) and flows (“In the middle, the core, you tour, explore, experience” reminds me of similar rhyme-on-rhymes that MF DOOM loves, ie. “6’0 sicko-psycho” and “Known as the grimey, limey, slimy, try me, blimey”). But all that doesn’t change the fact that the concept is juvenile humour at best (and downright rapey in the 2-minute “A Visit to the Gynecologyst”), the rapper is boring as all fuck (he uses the words “doo-doo” on at least four separate occasions which is not okay, and he keeps doing that “repeat one line several times to form a chorus” shtick that gets old quick because there’s never any melody that makes them worth repeating) and producer Dan the Automator sounds like he’s warming up for Deltron 3030. Not to mention the fact that, as with most ridiculously overrated 90s’ hip-hop albums, it’s waaaayyyyy too fucking long.

Beat-wise, Dan the Man makes three cuts worth saving: “3000”, for its good bass line; “Earth People”, for its juxtaposition between the simple high-pitched keyboard line and the thicker synthesized bass line and “Blue Flowers” for its string line. Elsewhere, both “No Awareness” and “Girl Let Me Touch You” are worth mentioning. The former has the best-sounding line on the album even if it don’t make sense (“Paramedics fetish your legs with eggs chicken hatch”), but it’s not a highlight since Sir Menelik takes up half the time and his flow might be the worst thing to ever happen to hip-hop. Meanwhile, there’s a RZA-like/lite soul sample leading out the choruses of “Girl Let Me Touch You,” but it’s also not a highlight because rapping-wise, it’s the sort of shit that Kool Keith will make entire albums out of a year later. Meanwhile, “Real Raw” goes on for forever and I get the feeling that the one-note bass throb of “Wild and Crazy” was dated back in 1996. So yeah, three songs out of twenty. Next?


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