Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend


Everything wrong with 90s’ rock: non-existent rhythm section, a vocalist who whines more than he sings, lyrics about girls and not getting them, songs that go on for too long on an album that goes on for too long; thank God for guitarist Robert Quine (of Lou Reed, John Zorn and Tom Waits fame) and Richard Lloyd (of Television fame). It was rightfully ignored at the time of its release, not because it sticks to standard rock instrumentation, but rather because it reeks of relentless mediocrity, yet it has somehow gotten a few nods and winks since then, including finding its way into the Britney Spears’ movie Crossroads and the Guitar Hero series. If you think the title track is a tune, I redirect you to Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love,” which has betters vocalist singing the same hook.

Download “I’ve Been Waiting” for its choruses, “Winona” for its pedal steel guitar, “Thought I Knew You” for doing the Byrds-ian jangle better than anything R.E.M. gave us that same year and the album cover for pre-Instagram-like picture released almost two decades before Instagram, but feel dirty about it when you realize Tuesday Weld is underage in that shot.


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