DJ Rashad – We on 1 [EP]


Definitely not essential, but here we have three minor successes that only add to DJ Rashad’s legacy as his first posthumous release. The only bad song is “Come On Girl,” and here’s an easy litmus test to see if a sex song is unplayable: play it in front of female company. I guarantee only bad outcomes to “Come On Girl,” built out of hooky intervals (read: boring) from drums and then bass while the vocals command “COME ON GIRL” and then “POP THAT PUSSY” over and over. (And no, not all sex songs will elicit awkwardness.) To make matters worse for “Come On Girl,” the following “Do It Again” not only adds another dimension to the conversation (a woman singing “Do it again”’s demandingly and whispering “Fuck me”’s commandingly), but it’s offers more musically. Would’ve lost nothing if Rashad trimmed 30 seconds from it, but whatever.

Meanwhile, the title track has DJ Rashad laying down a string of catchphrases over a machine gun rattle first from drums and then bass. It’s immediately addicting, but I wish the sample (“I want to / I want to / I want to … DO!”) was used more than just once. Whereas “We On 1” was underdeveloped and “Do It Again” was overexposed, closer “Something ‘Bout the Things U Do” is – ahh – just right; one of the few remixes that’s better than the original (Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You”).


2 responses to “DJ Rashad – We on 1 [EP]

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