Brian Eno – Panic of Looking [EP]


A sarcastic and funny Mark Prindle: “Drums Between the Bells was intended as a one-off, but after it sold 220 million copies and won all those Grammies, it was just a matter of time before “Bri-Ri” hit the studios for a follow-up — especially since they were no longer the only meditation-ambience-and-poetry act around, thanks to Sweden’s brutal new crop of Death Calm-And-Poesy bands (Robert Frostrangulation, Spawn of Alexander Popesession, Edna St. Vincent Mithotyn, etc). But it all sounds completely calculated and methodical, because poets are only in it for the massive amounts of money they earn every time they write a poem. Brian Eno used to mean it when he played two notes for five years, but now he’s just following the green all the way down Gold Street to the silver bank with the copper at the door.

Anyway, on the morning of my birthday of 2011, my friend – who knew I was listening to a lot of Brian Eno at the time, having only then discovered (a full torrent of) his solo discography – texted me to wish me happy birthday and that Brian Eno had an EP coming out. It meant a lot, not because I didn’t know about Panic of Looking‘s then-imminent release, but because he didn’t/doesn’t listen to not-top-40 music. Anyway, like Drums Between the Bells, the best thing about Panic of Looking is the cover. The title track, more of Brian Eno’s haunted house/trip-hop stuff, is the best song here because it leaves an impression, even if it’s a bit long. “In the Future” is alright, but Brian Eno will flesh it out into a proper song on High Life‘s “Cells & Bells.” The rest ranges from forgettable (“Not a Story”) to ugly (“If These Footsteps”).


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