Arcade Fire – Arcade Fire [EP]


The production on Funeral was muddy, sure, but it was done in such a way thatevery individual instrument – and these boys and girls sure love their instruments – felt like it was trying its best to communicate to the world to celebrate life and love before you lose them, and hearing every at once was the dictionary definition of glorious. The production here sucks; the only thing you can hear on the early version of “No Cars Go” (resurrected on Neon Bible) is the drummer, and when Regine Chassagne takes over on “My Heart is an Apple,” she sounds positively lost in the fog.

You might remember “Old Flame” for its vague, vague, vague melody. You might remember “I’m Sleeping in a Submarine” for its rather spot-on Bjork impression (and more evidence that Regine Chassagne should’ve sang lead more); the “I’m sleeping on a battleship / I’m sleeping on a submarine” bit is the EP’s best moment, easily. You might remember “The Woodlands National Anthem” for the bridge where the homey production works in its favor. You might remember “My Heart Is an Apple” for its vague, vague, vague impression of soul on Win Butler’s part. You might remember “Headlights Look Like Diamonds” for its rhythms. You might remember “Vampire / Forest Fire”  for trying to build emotions and crescendos out of a lot of instruments like practically every song on Funeral did, but in doing so, you might also remember that Funeral is a great album that has a lot of replay value, so you should just go replay that one.


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