Lucky Soul – A Coming of Age


Easily likeable music because Ali Howard – the lead singer – sounds like a child who has just read Pride & Prejudice and is ready to go outside and find her own Colin Firth. Plus, all of these songs are short. But at the same time, it’s also easily disposable music. Though the band has a wider range of records to pay tribute to than say, Camera Obscura, Ali Howard has even less to say than Tracyanne Campbell. Meanwhile, the backing band here is even more of a non-entity, if that were possible (“Warm Water” in particular might fade into nothingness at any point in time).

Download “Woah Billy!” for its bed of backing vocals and handclaps, which also has the best hook on the album. Then, spin “White Russian Doll” for its hook; spin “Love 3” to hear a singer somehow make sense out of nonsense like “Got ‘love’ tattooed on one hand and ‘more love’ on the other” and “Some say I’m schizophrenic but I walk in single file” and spin “A Coming of Age” because it sounds like they were tasked to write the James Bond theme song.


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