Royksopp & Robyn – Do It Again [EP]

This could’ve been the perfect package if only they had decided from the get-go whether they wanted Do It Again to be an EP or an album; right now, it’s marketed as the former but contains more minutes – 35 minutes total – and more ambition than a lot of albums. The shortest track on the album, “Every Little Thing,” is nowhere near as catchy as the preceding three tracks. Elsewhere, a couple of minutes from “Monument” could’ve been shaved off and it would’ve only gotten better; I wish they had been braver with the saxophone bridge and not just played a slight variation of the main melody quietly or just cut the saxophone outro out altogether. And “Inside the Idle Hour Club” is easily the worst thing about the package, complete with a shockingly generic drum programming. Something about the 10-minute house tracks that slowly build towards their finale by adding a new sound every now and then just irks me the living fuck out of me, and the fact that Robyn is entirely absent on it just screams filler to me.

But still: those three songs. “Do It Again” is the obvious one, where every line oozes melody and sexuality (“The anticipation, you know it’s like ‘mmm mmm mmm'” and “It hurts so good”). “Monument” has a wonderfully stretched out vocal sample that fills in Robyn’s empty spaces and the introduction of tribal drums in the second half mean there’s a reason to keep listening to it. But my favorite track is easily “Sayit,” partly because its the most danceable song of the bunch but mostly because of the vocals within it, like hearing the duet between Kraftwerk (Royksopp) and Eurythmics (Robyn) that clearly should’ve happened three decades before the members throw us out of their weird electrophilia-filled dungeon and onto the highway.


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