J. Cole – Truly Yours 2 [EP]


Truly Yours 2 finds itself as another testament that more rappers should explore the EP medium.

This is one of the best EP’s of 2013, and I’m utterly shocked with my own statement considering: 1) J. Cole’s debut album of 2011, Cole World: The Sideline Story, revealed him to be a modest talent with cute pretensions of being one of the best in hip-hop who lyrically only had the occasional pun and one-liner to offer and otherwise occupied that same halfway-point between conscious and thuggish that it seems only Drake can pull off successfully and who production-wise, only could only do a cinematic beat with grandiose guitars (or piano or strings or whatever) over 808’s and 2) J. Cole’s sophomore album released mere months after Truly Yours 2Born Sinner, revealed him to be a modest talent with cute pretensions of being … you get the point (turns out his “Now this right here is not a preview / Of what the album going to bring you,” the opening couplet of the EP, wasn’t a lie at all). In other words, if you were like me, and you were disappointed with either or both of his albums so far, give this a whirl – you won’t be disappointed. 

I’m guessing it was because of sample clearance issues that you won’t find anything as inspired as the soul-based beat powering “Cole Summer” or the twisted cry throughout “Cousins” on Born Sinner. Meanwhile, it is of the highest compliments when I say that “Kenny Lofton,” with its indelible “And it breaks my heart” hook, reminds me of J Dilla’s “Love” and that J. Cole outdoes both Jay-Z and Kanye West on “Niggas in Paris”-recalling “Chris Tucker.” Seriously, the second verse on that song might be the best on the album, “Only nigga up in first class, old lady tryna be friendly, ay / She think I’m in the NBA, why a nigga can’t have his MBA? / Next time I’mma flip the script, you know, kick some shit that’s gon shock her / ‘You so tall what team do you play for?’ ‘No bitch I’m a doctor,'” before doubling up in speed and internal rhymes right after. If not that, then certainly “Throwing thousands in the strip club with Drizzy / Difference is I’m throwing four, he’s throwing fifty / Lord, forgive me / Bitches saying: ‘You a rapper nigga, ain’t you s’pose to tip more?’ / ‘I don’t see no pussy, baby, ain’t you s’pose to strip more?'” off “Cole Summer.” And if “Head Bussa” is too standard for your tastes (though Cole wins it for me in the chorus), then go straight to “3 Wishes,” which might beat “Lost Ones” as J. Cole’s most affecting song. 

Oh, and fuck 2 Chainz. “Bust a nut in her mouth so now she can babysit?!” Fuck does that even mean? Thank God he announces his own arrival before he starts rapping so you can skip right along to “Head Bussa.”


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