Sleeper – Smart


Sleeper is a band comprised of one sex-crazed women backed by a bunch of interchangeable blokes. Is it bad that I’m not even remotely surprised that “Swallow” and “Delicious” (guess, just guess what these songs are about) were released as the album’s lead singles? Meanwhile, a song called “Bedhead” which, I’m guessing based off “Alice in Vain,” is the band’s idea of a pun off of Blur’s “Badhead,” has a chorus wherein Louise Wener teases a cock (“Higher, higher, higher”) and then ends up surprised by how large it is (“Ooh ah ooh o wow!”) – fuck off.  And it’s obvious why Louise resorts to such methods: she doesn’t have the melodic capability of making an entire album worth listening to (though the second instance in each chorus of “Swallow” where Louise goes “Va-ah-nity” rolls me round) and like Elastica’s debut, there isn’t much reason to listen to this album over the source material (it’s Pretenders this time, instead of Pink Flag). That being said, “Inbetweener,” the opening song and breakthrough single, is great. Witty lyrics that makes every line worth keeping fed through the album’s best melody and a biting guitar riff and good use of backing vocals thrown in for good measure. Maybe if Louise Wener did the Pretenders thing that Justine Frishmann did and fucked everyone related to Britpop, more people might’ve cared about them. Oh well.


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