Elastica – Elastica


Elastica is a band comprised of one sex-crazed women backed by a bunch of interchangeable blokes. Some songs and their subject matter, in case you don’t believe me: “Line Up,” about a groupie who’ll do anything; “Car Song,” about road head, or maybe just fucking in the backseat, I dunno; “All-Nighter,” about staying up all night studying human biology, and some moans thrown in for good measure; “Vaseline,” about using vaseline as lubricant, inspired by a bathroom sesh with then-boyfriend Damon Albarn (who plays keyboards every now and then on the album). And it’s obvious why Justine resorts to such methods: she doesn’t have the melodic capability of making an entire album worth listening to (or long song, even: see “S.O.F.T.” or “Never Here”) and like Sleeper’s debut, there isn’t much reason to listen to this album over the source material (it’s Pink Flag this time, instead of the Pretenders). That being said, “Three Girl Rhumba” sounds just as good as it does in 1995 with louder guitars and a woman as it did in 1977, “Indian Song” is a decent attempt at George Harrison and the dual guitar interplay in “Line Up” makes it a good opener; one of the guitars genuinely sounds like a man grunting. “Stutter” is the best song here, with lyrics that make every line worth keeping fed through the album’s best melody. Like Liz Phair’s “Fuck and Run,” everyone focused too much on the obscenity within the song, this time about erectile dysfunction, that they seemed to miss the important part, this time about how Justine’s man has been cheating on her. Oh well.


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