Domo Genesis – No Idols


On the one hand, it’s blissfully shorter than The OF Tape Vol. 2. On the other hand, Frank Ocean isn’t on here and none of the verses come close to Earl Sweatshirt’s verse on “Oldie” which was good enough that it made the whole thing feel worth it. But Domo Genesis really isn’t to blame: I expect him to be mediocre; he’s neither as interesting a persona as Tyler or as technically proficient as Earl. What I don’t expect is the Alchemist, whose name carries more weight than the Odd Future’s usual producers, to completely suck here. What’s the difference between “Prophecy” and “Power Ballad?” Why didn’t the piano touches in the outro of “Me and My Bitch” show up during the proper song? What’s with the constant stop-starts shitting up Tyler, the Creator’s already shitty verse on “No Idols?” What is that awful sample supposed to be doing on “All Alone?”


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