Tame Impala – Lonerism

I like the relentless drums of “Be Above It” that manages to keep my attention even though sometimes the guitar bits feel phoned in. And something no one ever seems to mention is that this band loves repetition (because it’s easy), but the repeated, whispered line on the opener is effective because it feels like Kevin Parker is saying it to himself until he manages to rise above it. I like the melody of “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” which is, very easily the best song of the bunch. And something no one ever seems to mention is that this band loves repetition (because it’s easy) (see what I did there? I repeated what I – ah, never mind; what I’m saying is some of these songs are really repetitive). I like the background clatter of “Keep On Lying” (starting at the 1:50 mark) because it reminds me of Panda Bear’s “Bros,” which was a better song. I like “Elephant” because it’s as heavy as the Flaming Lips’ Embryonic (who this band would suck dicks to suck the dicks of) and more melodic. I like the first 2 and a half minutes of closer “Sun’s Coming Up” even though the vocal and piano melodies sound like they came from the dollar store. It’s just that the piano-led waltz is a nice switch-up from the aural assault of the preceding tracks wherein every instrument is played and every instrument sounds mixed at the exact same volume. But then the song goes to absolute shit for three minutes after.

And … I really like the album cover. As colorful as Innerspeaker was, except this time, it’s distant; bars that can be physical but most likely are mental preventing you from being a part of it all. Lonerism, indeed. Sucks that when I actually listen to this album, I hear the color, but none of the promised emotion. There’s not a single lyric worth keeping, and if Kevin Parker is John Lennon, he’s the John Lennon that obscured his voice through gimmicky fads of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” or the emotionally exhausted one post-Imagine. Being lonely sucks, and you can learn that from songs like “I’m So Tired” or “Mother.” The most Kevin Parker can muster is endlessly repeating “why won’t they talk to me?” on the song with the same name; if you knew someone like that in real life, would you want to talk to them? Didn’t think so.


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