Sampha – Dual [EP]


Head over to Youtube and immerse yourself in the rhythms of “Without”; rejoice in the uplifting melodic mantra of “Indecision” and swim in the backing vocals of “Can’t Get Close.”

Really wish “Demons” was expanded on, since it has the best ideas of the whole EP, with percussion from his mother stamping her feet for the personal feel that everyone keeps attributing to him and intrusions of a new text message notification, something that you’d think Frank Ocean would have done last year, but it’s delegated to a throwaway intro track instead. Other than those ideas, there’s nothing much to see here. I wanted Dual to be a winner – it’s his first release after making a name of himself producing, singing and writing for others and Sampha Sisay has a voice that’s informed by world-weariness that often gets lost (if it was there at all in the first place) in the overproduction or oversinging that plagues a lot of current R&B singers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have enough to win me over.


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