DJ Rashad – I Don’t Give a Fuck [EP]


The title track is one of those cases where the parts are so easy to pick apart but they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. 2Pac’s deep voice (sampled from Juice) juxtaposes with the high-pitched detuned synth. The bass propels the track and the splashes of drums are the aural equivalent of what a passionate kid with crayons would do if he never learned about coloring in the lines (or maybe he did learn and he doesn’t give a fuck).

The other tracks are less-affecting: “Brighter Dayz” is mostly the interplay between the vocal sample and brief bursts of a higher-pitched one; “Way I Feel” is about what DJ Rashad and Manny do in between the spaces of the Mary J. Blige sample, but unfortunately, the same sample gets boring after a while. Regarding “Everybody,” frankly, the only time I’m okay with someone using the YouTube phenomenon of “Best Cry Ever” as the basis for their own creation is when they’re doing the obligatory autotuned remix.


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